Сертификат качества TUV

The company operates a quality management system that meets the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008.

In 2015 the company successfully passed the recertification audit of the quality management system that is certified by No UA228042. Recertification audit of the quality management system was conducted by international certification body BUREAU VERITAS Certification.

Quality management system covers the entire production cycle.

The control of chemical and mechanical parameters of the material. which are specified in the supplier’s specification. is carried out at the stage of metal input.

Further, at the hot forging stage is being monitored constantly the blank’s temperature by an optical pyrometer. And at the end of stage is being monitored constantly the geometrical dimensions by the universal devices.

The heat treatment is carried out at the modern machine, whose program directly supports the specified parameters and outputs them for control.

After cleaning in the shot blasting machines, the forgings are being inspected 100% visually and, if necessary - control of mechanical properties and hardness of forgings, forgings magnetoscopic inspections with RG-71 and MД 12 ПШ, control the microstructure of forgings is carried out too.

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