“Chernigiv Forging Plant” Ltd. is a manufacturing company.
Plant produces the hot forged products from carbon and alloy steel grades with the weight from 0,35 kg to 55 kg.

Forgings can be produced by forge accuracy class F as per DIN 7526. Nomenclature of forgings is more than 1000 names mainly for the automotive group of products.

The current nomenclature of forgings numbers about 1200 products:
- forgings for automobile industry
(driveshaft yokes, pinion gears, journal crosses, levers, shafts, connecting rod, crankshafts and others);
- forgings for carriage engineering and fixing railway track
(segments, rings, washers, bolts, patches, fasteners and others);
- forgings for diesel locomotives
(pistons, piston heads, levers, valves, nuts and others);
- forgings for other branches of industry
(jaw vice, flanges, ankers, bolts, nuts, washers and others).

- presses for hot forging processes with the capacities 1600 tons-force, 2500 tf, 4000 tf, 6300 tf;
- horizontal forging machines with the capacities 800 tf, 1200 tf;
- coining presses 1000 tf and 1600 tf;
- roll-forging machines
- press-snips with the capacities range 315…1000 tf for material sectioning from 24 mm to 140 mm in diameter.

Induction heating performs reduces the loss of metal at the scale and improves the quality of the forgings appearance.

Heat treatment of forgings is carried out in the pusher furnaces with the gas heating.

Types of heat treatment:
- Quenching in water solutions and oil;
- Tempering;
- Normalizing;
- Normalizing with the blowing of air;
- Annealing.

Our plant has own tool and die stamping production. Also we have a huge experience of designing and manufacturing of the forging dies.

The company has an ability to develop the manufacture of new forgings after 1-2 months since the price and forging drawings are agreed.

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