Photo production hall outside

The foundation of our enterprise has been started in 1967,when the Ministry of the automotive industry developed and approved the design task for the construction of a plant for auto parts. In 1969 the enterprise specialization was defined - output of front axles and rear axles for cars УGASФ as Gorky branch association "GAS".

Birthday of the plant is considered to be June 29, 1973, when the first stage of forge shop with the capacity 42.000 tons of forgings per yearwas enforced. The forge shop was a part of the Chernihiv auto parts plant.

In January 1986, after technical re-equipment and reconstruction the plant began to supply the main conveyor of giant Soviet automotive industry - Chernihiv auto parts plant - with the new products - forging driveshafts.

Historical photos of the plant

In the 70 -80th, Chernihiv auto parts plant including the forge shop have been continuously developed and technically re-equipped.

At the end of the 80s, as the result of reconstruction the plant produced 250 types of auto parts for car "GAZ" and driveshafts for cars brands "GAS", "RAF", "PAZ", "UAZ".

The independent status of "Chernigov Forging Plant" Ltd received on August 1, 2005. It included the tool production, compressor station and a sector of electroslag remelting. At the same time the plant became a part of the corporation "Etalon".

In January 2008 the electro chill casting oven was implemented (volume of melting pot is up to 240kg) for remelting the die steel wastes to get the blanks for stamps.

The same year three compressors with the total capacity of 70 cubic meters per min were put into operation, which operate in automatic mode (efficient use of compressed air and labor resources).

During 2007-2008 the overhauls of 4 units of forging equipment were conducted.