Drop forging

The factory provides the services of drop forging. The plot of drop forging serves as forging blanks production for instrumental- stamping services. Equipment (hammer force of dropped parts 200, 400, 2000 kg) allows forging billets up to 180 kg.

The essence of the process of forging

Free forging is a process of plastic deformation of the heated metal to a certain temperature , occurring under the influence of successive strikes the striker hammer or press molding . As a result, the metal flows indefinitely in all directions in the space between the strikers , and takes a predetermined shape forging . In most cases forging serves to further workpiece machining. Forging not only alters the shape and size of the processed metal , but also helps to improve its structure and mechanical properties. It refines and tightens the grain removes internal shell and bubbles . Free forging is typically used to obtain single forgings of various shapes and sizes , as well as in the manufacture of small batches of forgings. It is divided into manual and mashinnuyu.Suschnost forging process

Basic operations forging

Depending on the shape and dimensions of the manufactured forging may be used various forging operation. The most typical are: precipitate, broaching , bending , piercing , cutting , forge welding . When rainfall decreases workpiece height and thereby increasing cross-section. At the same time possible to completely precipitate all blank and incomplete when precipitates only one place articles (for example , the bolt head ) . Incomplete sediment usually called landing . Broach intended to increase the length of the preform by reducing its cross-section. It is performed by repeated compression of the billet from its middle to the edges by hammering between the strikers podboyke or forging hammer . Thus , after each compression workpiece rotates around its axis at 90 and 180 ∞. When broaching the mechanical properties of forgings increased in the longitudinal direction . If you want high quality forging had in all directions , it precipitates first and then stretched . More information about the process and the basic technological operations forging see: http://profznanie.com