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“Chernigiv Forging Plant” Ltd. is a part of the corporation "Etalon" and is one of the key industrial enterprises of the association.

Chernigov Forging Plant is a fully autonomous , independent company , located on its own land with total area of ??16091 m2. Production area of two buildings occupys square meters and consists of 5 sections.
It has its own Boiler and Design Bureau .

The shop includes : billet, forging and pressing, thermal separation .
Cutting metal on a workpiece held a press shears with force 315 - 1000 thousand tons.
Used car metal O 24 - 130 gg of carbon and alloy structural steels .

Chernigov Forging Plant for a 37-year period of more than 1000 items mastered forgings mainly for the automotive category. All products are produced according to the force on the territory of Ukraine , CIS and European standards for this type of product : GOST 7505-89 (class T4) , GOST 8479-71, DIN 7526 ( according to the degree of complexity and accuracy class C4 and F), DIN 7521 , DIN EN 10243-2.


Stamping plant produces forgings weighing from 0.35to 55 kg of carbon and alloy steel grades 20 , 30, 35 , 40, 45 GOST 1050-71 , as well as 30X , 35X , 40X , 42HM , 19HGN , 14HGN , 25HGT , 20HGNM GOST4543 -71.

Photography inside the production hall

Produced about 60 names of forgings for propeller shafts.

Punching forging conducted on crank presses with effort 1600 thousand tons ; 2500 thousand tons; 4000 thousand tons ; 6300 thousand tons and horizontal forging machines with force 800 thousand tons and 1,200 thousand tons. For forgings with extended axis provided a rolling on forging rolls.

Heat treatment is carried out in normalization semi-forging furnaces and quench-selling units. Induction heating preforms, which reduces the loss of metal at the scale and improves appearance quality forgings. Types of thermal treatment : quenching in water solutions and oil; leave; normalization; normalization with the blowing of air; annealing.

Cleansing forgings scale held in drobometnih drums and drobometnoy chamber.

Stamps creating

The plant has its own instrumental and die manufacturing and extensive experience in the design and manufacture of forging dies.

The main consumers of Chernigov Forging Plant are machine-building enterprises of Ukraine and Germany.

Photo hot forging

Over many years of mutually beneficial cooperation buyers appreciated:

- the quality of products;

- extensive experience in the manufacture of forgings for the engineering industry;

- unique rapid ability to reproduce finished products;

- ever manufactured at the plant , due to the presence of ready-stamps;

- openness and loyalty in pricing policies;

- the ability to meet the wishes of consumers.

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